• Experience Luxury Spray Tan

    With Luxury Spray Tan, you can get a rich deep bronzing spray tan in as little as 15 minutes from our Paradise Valley/Scottsdale Studio or the comfort of your own home, office, hotel or anywhere else you desire because we also offer Mobile Services. Our Spray tan solution contains no UV rays so you don’t have to worry about over-exposure, sun burns, wrinkles, or increase the risk of developing skin cancer. You’ll look younger, more toned, and more beautiful than ever with your Luxury Spray Tan. The main Spray Tan solution ingredient that gives you the ‘just off the beach look’ DHA (dihydroxyacetone) is also FDA approved for cosmetic use. Why not join the many celebrities, actors, singers and models that have chosen custom spray tans? It’s time to choose Luxury Spray Tan.

    There are many other reasons to choose Luxury Spray Tan:

    • Luxury Spray Tan has been trained and master certified to provide you with a custom spray tan by Norvell University.
    • We use a HVLP Spray Tan System which one of the BEST Industry Choice Award Winners.
    • Luxury Spray Tans are totally customized for you so you get the ‘perfect’ natural look of a suntan without the exposure to harmful UV Rays.
    • We offer the EXPRESS solution rinse off with 1-3 hours later. 1 hour for light color, 2 hours for medium color & 3 hours or more for dark color.
    • Luxury Spray Tan treatments even include vitamins and antioxidants for your skin, so while you are looking gorgeous, your skin is being nourished, pampered, and rejuvenated.
    • Luxury Spray Tans solution contains only the higher grade of DHA than most of its competitors, which means a more Luxurious and deeply rich looking tan.
    • Luxury Spray Tan offers packages for your convenience as well as a choice of solutions including an ECO-Friendly Natural solution as well as a Competition Solution.
    • Luxury Spray Tan is also a mobile business so we can come to you in the privacy of your own home, hotel, or anywhere you need us. No need to go to a big spa or salon.
    • Spray Tanning is also recommended by The American Academy of Dermatologists, The Skin Cancer Foundation, and The American Medical Association.